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    Born into a family of jewelers, Zeina Tahan graduated from ALBA with a degree in interior design and then devoted herself to her family before returning to the art, her late passion. Her mark and signature, 'Z', appears on each piece of jewelry through the clasp. The designer also knows how to surround herself with artists with whom she collaborates, whether in sculpture with Rudy Rahmé, photography with Roger Moukarzel and jewelry with Rachid Koreïchi. With Rachid Koreïchi, she created a collection of seven pieces of jewelry called Dance of Life, in which she worked on Arabic calligraphy. In terms of materials used, Zeina Tahan is a "jack of all trades". She uses gold, diamonds, silver, semi-precious stones, wood and brass, but her favorite stone is opal, "which calms the mind" and whose texture she loves.