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Studio Manda

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Jisr el Wati, Matn district

Studio Manda is a furniture and interior design company based in Beirut and active internationally. The two partners, Georges Mohasseb and Kareen Asli, share an obsession for experimentation with complex materials and high-level crafting techniques. 

Georges has been working as an architect and designer for 22 years. Through his professional experience and intensive workshops, he has mastered furniture-making techniques in France at École Boulle with a vast range of materials. His passion for design has lead him to teach in renowned academic institutions in Europe and the US.

Kareen has been working as an interior architect for the past 20 years. After her architectural studies, she joined Gregory Gatserelia’s team, designing night clubs, pubs, contemporary art galleries and private residences. In 2001 she started her own interior studio all the while working in the reconstruction and renovation process of Beirut with Solidere. Kareen is also teaching a design studio at ALBA university in Beirut.

Kareen and Georges met in 1998 at Gatserelia’s Design Office. After years of commuting between the U.S. and Europe, Kareen and Georges decided to start a partnership in 2015. Their company has recently been re-named Studio Manda, subtly joining their two names to emphasize and celebrate the success of their collaboration. Georges and Kareen work together developing interiors for public and private spaces with a meticulous attention to detail and an obsession with materials. At the same time, Georges individually pursues research and production of furniture and collectible design. Georges strives to create a limited number of timeless designs that embody a high level of craftsmanship and a complex expression of materials through their colours, shapes, textures and smells. Georges' products and limited editions have been exhibited in international design fairs, and his work is currently represented by Carwan Gallery in Athens, Gallerie Gosserez in Paris, and is in collaboration with Gabriel et Guillaume in NYC.