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Studio Kunukku

  • Lebanese designers
  • decorative items design
  • fashion design

Mar Mikhael, Beirut district

Studio Kunukku is a multidisciplinary design studio based in Beirut, Lebanon. Created by the inspiration for lost crafts, they re-engage with traditional techniques of woodblock printing and textile making in an effort to influence contemporary design fields. Their goal to turn block printing and other endangered crafts into self-expression tools. Their studio space serves both as a workshop for design and production, and as an open-access library which contains resources on art, fashion and design. Studio Kunukku produces custom-made prints, textiles, fashion and furniture, and even collaborates with local and international designers. Additionally, they offer training and workshops in an effort to revive crafts, while providing a creative outlet to members of the community. Alongside the creative practice, Studio Kunukku works on identifying collectors of old wood stamps and remaining practitioners in order to archive and protect traditional motifs and stamps from the region.