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Bourj Hammoud, Matn district

From Armenian origin, Mr. Sergio Achdjian was born in Lebanon, and then lived between Lebanon and the USA. After graduating followed in Ancona, Italy, in 1984 he obtained his diploma in the famous designer school PISIE. Deserving heir of craftsman and shoemaker of several generations, Mr Sergio Achdjian, rich in all this know-how, never stopped since the last thirty years to make this inheritance continue under his own label: Sergio. From that moment he never lost sight of his goal, to create leather goods with subtle forms that can contain the whole universe and the secrets of a woman. In order to perpetuate the legacy of the Est EVA SACS, all bags created for over thirty years under the label Sergio are an invitation to dreams. A luxurious journey of exotic leathers, gets involved with the wildest colors adorning themselves with feathers, fringes and embroidery which are entirely executed by hand. All the wonderful creations signed by Sergio are the testimony of a route of multi-cultural life luxurious inheritance of a character in the authentic human values, a lover of a very "haute couture" work.