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Selim Mouzannar

  • Lebanese designers
  • jewelry design

Achrafieh, Beirut district

Tradition is not a reactionary concept. This set of gestures, of rituals and values that we repeat and transmit, is a pillar without which our lives would be reduced to an egoistic and selfish pattern. At Maison Selim Mouzannar, a house steeped in history dating almost 150 years, we believe in the sharing of traditions, but above all, we believe in our ability to enrich them by creating more beauty and emotion. By combining our talents with those of our ancestors, we go beyond the rules of classic jewelry-making through the use of a refined technical mastery that enriches our comprehensive knowledge of precious stones and their vast palette. To amplify our stones’ telluric and joyful radiance, we create flamboyant, powerful, colorful, inspired and contemporary jewels.