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Sarah El Zayed

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Sarah El Zayed is a Lebanese designer who graduated from the Lebanese American University Fashion program in collaboration with LCF and Elie Saab. Sarah insists on showing femininity at it's best through the elegant and modern silhouettes that she creates. Her designs come from the inspiration of the heritage and nature surrounding her. She uses unique fabrics, textures, and cuts to express her thoughts.

The beauty of the surrounding nature and the authenticity of old Lebanese architecture stimulated the creation of this collection. Her first collection’s name 'R H I Z A' is the Greek origin of the word rhizome, which is an underground stem that yields roots and links them to one another. As the name suggests, the collection is a rhizome connecting the roots of the old classic and vintage vibes of the old Lebanese architecture and nature. They remold into modern silhouettes that fit the modern-day elegant woman. The earthy colors of the fabrics and their textures represent the essence of the surrounding nature.