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Mar Mikhael, Beirut district

Rosa Maria's designs, handcrafted in Beirut, Lebanon, exude a perfectly imperfect aesthetic, balancing artisanal craft with the highest quality of stones and precious metal. Every Rosa Maria's jewel floats elegantly between the modern and the ancient, with avant-garde influences. 

Born in Beirut during Lebanon's golden era and self-described "wild hippie", Rosa Maria has always been fascinated with the antique jewelry that her parents used to bring back from their travels over the years. Rosa Maria's creations are made from a mix of silver and gold combined with a wild array of stones, such as rose-cut diamonds with different colours, rubies, sapphires, tourmalines and topaz. Some pieces come from bold ethnic jewelry, others from industrial design; each one is mixing various elements in an unconventional manner. The raw, organic shapes of her rings give you endless possibilities for adding more styles and mixing them with one other in original combinations.