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Opus Magnum Gallery

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Sin el Fil, Matn district

Opus Magnum Gallery by baalcreations is an invitation to artful living, and a brand that creates highly praised contemporary sculpture furniture, large scale works and custom-crafted surfaces for exclusive interior finishes.

Imagination, passion for innovation and love of beauty, shaped by a passionate alchemist and an audacious designer, work together with pioneering technology to transform materials such as copper, brass, bronze, marble and wood into “jewels for the home” or “divine inspiration,” as described by design magazines. Opus Magnum Gallery is also “art made to measure”, since the team can work individually with architects, designers and private clients to meet their specific requests for customised solutions. Opus Magnum Gallery is a pioneer in showcasing how art and design can collide to produce timeless, original pieces that tell a story, as all are handmade by skilled craftsman to reveal the genuine properties of the original matter.

The Artists

Guided by their passion for innovation and aesthetic spirits, Gilbert Debs and Claudia Chahine founded baalcreations in 2005. The former develops and perfects methods, while the latter implements them into exclusive and unique pieces of furniture. Both work on imagining new surfaces to create artworks and panels.

Claudia Chahine
A French-Lebanese interior designer, Claudia was born in an artistic environment. Influenced by her parents who were both passionate painters and sculptors, she absorbed the entire basis that would serve her through her artistic career. With a variety of interests and talents, she opened the gateway between art, design, and architecture. Her diverse background ranges from designing residential interiors, organizing events and exhibitions, to painting, and lately, creating her own line of jewelry. 

Guided by her vivid imagination, she combines her work with the soul and poetry of the Orient, and the rigour and elegance of the Occident. Her designs are based on her daily sensibility, love for nature, history, culture, and what she calls unconscious inspiration. Her encounter with Gilbert Debs pushed her to discover new combinations of materials. This improved the richness of her design pallet which she expresses through Opus Magnum Gallery Creations. Today, Claudia introduces a new artistic and contemporary vision towards furniture design, where she unmistakably puts craftsmanship at the heart of insightful contemporary furniture pieces and art pieces with poise and euphoria.

Gilbert Debs
Gilbert, like most of his work, is a blend between art, alchemy, and philosophy. Predestined since the 80s to follow the family business where he worked for 20 years in research and development, he began experimenting with materials. Jumping from one discovery to another, he came up with a new way to combine materials with different properties, thus challenging their ordinary way to react. With this ultimate innovation, he created new textures, expanding his horizons where imagination reaches no limits.

Since founding Opus Magnum Gallery by baalcreations, Gilbert is devoting his time to creating artistic panels and artworks, innovating unseen blends of materials from metals, stone, marble to wood, glass, sand and many others. His creative surfaces are becoming an added value to contemporary furniture and to prestigious interiors projects. His success is not only based on his talent, but also on his passionate character. From artistic surfaces to abstract artworks and panels, Gilbert is able to envision and execute uncommon pieces of art.