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Nour Hammour

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Nour Hammour is a Lebanese designer who attended George Washington University, where she majored in business and marketing. Her memories of attending the couture shows were never far from her mind. To experience the industry first hand, she took an internship at Lebanese couturier Elie Saab’s Paris salon and atelier during two summers while still at university. While there, she was assisting the director of Haute Couture, where she did everything from organising events to meeting with clients, which allowed her to learn a tremendous amount in a short period of time. Nour Hammour then went on to pursue a Masters in fashion merchandising at the London College of Fashion in 2010. 

She took a fashion PR course, where students were asked to transform a common object into a covetable luxury item. She was assigned thumbtacks and thought about what she could do with them, which brought her back to her love of punk rock. She ended up embellishing a vintage leather jacket with thumbtacks at a time when studs weren’t as trendy, and were still associated with ’80s fashion. Nour’s creation became an instant success amongst her classmates and she began taking orders from friends and fellow students to create customised vintage leather jackets that she would source from thrift shops and wholesale stores. Thus, Nour Hammour’s brand was founded as a Paris-based luxury leather label.