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Downtown, Beirut district

Nour Hage is award-wining Lebanese fashion designer. She graduated in 2010 from the Parsons New School For Design (Parsons Paris) with a BFA in Fashion Design. After stints at Elie Saab and Oscar de la Renta, she joined the design team at Damir Doma in Paris. In 2012, she moved to Beirut, where she decided, aged 24, to start her own line. In 2014 she was awarded the prestigious Boghossian Foundation Prize. She regularly collaborates with design schools, other designers in various fields and even startups. 

In 2019, the Arab British Center and Dr. Johnson’s house commissioned Nour to create Sultana Isabel, a textile installation depicting the outsized and overlooked impact Arabs and Muslims had in the growing wealth and power of the Kingdom of England in the Elizabethan era. Sultana Isabel is part of the London Theatre Of The East exhibition which was funded by The City Of London. Since launching her eponymous brand in 2013, she initially focused on womenswear, pivoting to menswear after a move to London in 2016. 

In the early part of her career, Hage often stated that her style is heavily influenced by the Japanese wabi-sabi aesthetic and philosophy; the belief that things shouldn’t be perfect, which can be seen in the asymmetry of her designs, and the materials and textiles she uses. She has been noted for her artisanal approach and the craftsmanship of her pieces. In recent years, her focus has turned to research-based design focused on finding stories in Arab and Middle Eastern heritage and culture, with her designs being described as "reinventing Arab menswear". Her design practice focuses on contemporary reimagining of traditional Arab menswear, including abayas, traditional shirts and thawbs.