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Achrafieh, Beirut district

Nayla Arida was born in Beirut, a child of the war that raged in Lebanon, she fled her country with her family when they decided to settle in France where she grew up and studied. Twenty five years of exile later, Nayla reconnects with her roots and returns to Lebanon, the homeland she has never stopped loving. 

In constant search of dreams and aesthetics, Nayla turns to the world of jewelry where she designs jewelry for the Lebanese brand Les Bazella, starting with a small line of jewels. In workshops, she then discovered the secrets of creation and manufacturing. Her fascination for jewelry as well as her curiosity and keen sense of detail involved to make her go forward and define her own trends and creations. She launched her brand, under her own name: Nayla Arida. 

Nayla draws her inspiration from Beirut, the lively and captivating city, the capital of all contrasts and the melting pot of different cultures that intermingle daily. Nayla discovers an incredible creative energy thanks to Beirut, the city so many times wounded but resurrecting itself each time, the incredible city where nothing seems to make sense, yet everything works well. Nayla is also inspired by nature. With the theme of bestiary, she reinvents a very colorful Noah's Ark of animals finely engraved with diamonds, malachite, onyx, choral, turquoise and pearls. Delicately combined, this multitude of precious stones allows these poetic jewels to express subtle feelings through messages and symbols. Nayla's creations are entirely handmade and sold in Beirut, London, Paris and Dubai.