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Nayef Francis Design Studio

  • Lebanese designers
  • furniture design

Mar Mikhael, Beirut district

Nayef Francis Design Studio is a design boutique that specializes in product design that include furniture and home accessories. Nayef Francis Design Studio's products combine a hint Middle Eastern aesthetic with minimal and functional design. All products are handmade in Lebanon, in collaboration with Lebanese suppliers using local materials whenever possible, in order to promote and support Lebanese trade and economy, and for quality control.

The team draws inspiration from anything that catches their eye to create designs that blend functionality and aesthetics. Through the use of distinctive materials and customary manufacturing techniques, the pieces stand out in any home or office.

Building on the bases that started the project, the Nayef Francis Design Studio is rooted in the art of simplicity. The main aim is to develop a design response that makes the most complicated design process end in the simplest outcome. These outcomes, products or space treatments, provide ample ground for an intuitive user relationship. When the complications of the design process become invisible, the product’s use becomes natural, easy and supportive.

Through this balance of simplicity and design complexity, they aim to share designs that are ergonomic, practical and accessible, by intelligently reaching to new frontiers of fabrication to furthermore harmonize the modern day industrial object.