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Nada le Cavelier

  • Lebanese designers
  • jewelry design

Achrafieh, Beirut district

With her eye on the past and her mind in the present Nada Le Cavelier shares her love of life through her creations. Her imagination infused matter, transforming it to please her sense of beauty, she perceived the secret in the charm of a pebble and turned it into a jewel. With a magic touch, the lustre in the bronze was revealed, delightful micromosaics reappeared from a dreamy past and gems entertain in a thousand colourful reflections. 

Nada Le Cavelier’s creations surprise and delight in the daring fusion of their elements, the audacious play of colours, and the delicacy of their contemporary style. The Nada collections incorporates colourful intricate micro-mosaics dating from 1850 to 1950 into fresh modern jewellery with a playful twist. While each original piece has a story to tell, every new jewel gives it a new life. A graceful dragonfly, a bold evil eye or one of Nada's signature asymmetrical earrings, each creation is a one of a kind.