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Mima Salloum

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  • jewelry design

Of Lebanese and multicultural origin, Mima Salloum first studied political science and sociology at the University of Saint Joseph and at the School of Letters in Beirut. What motivates her is the desire to participate in the development of populations in the world. The war in Lebanon changed her future perspectives. She then had the chance to join the UNESCOtm offices in Paris. Coming from a country in a state of civil war, the International Conference for Peace organized by UNESCO revealed to her the inadequacy of political decisions in this field. Through his travels and encounters, UNESCO served as a springboard for the rest of his career. After leaving UNESCO, it is as a jewelry designer that she expresses her artistic creativity and collaborates notably with Parisian fashion houses. She studied gemology for two years before creating her own collections of precious jewels, exhibited on several continents. Some of her collections are published by prestigious houses (Arthus Bertrand, for example).