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Hamra, Beirut district

Margherita contemporary jewelry is structural in its lines and architectural in its details. Handmade in collaboration with local jewelry artisans, each individual and unique piece exudes bold, fashion-forward style while remaining timeless and resisting trends. Margherita Abi-Hanna draws much inspiration from Beirut, the city where she is currently based and has spent much of her life in, a city that “offers so many perplexities for one to reflect on in order to continuously come up with radical projects”. With a background in graphic design (American University of Beirut) and accessories design (Domus Academy), Margherita seeks out collaborations with local artisans, designers and artists in diverse fields in order to challenge her own practices, enrich her creative vocabulary and foster a supportive community. She is currently interested in investigating the many meanings and local practices of sustainability.