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Macaron Sandra

  • Lebanese designers
  • furniture design

Dawra, Matn district

Sandra Macaron is a multidisciplinary artist whose work has been featured in notable publications and has been awarded several prizes. Story-telling is how you would define her creations. Behind every collection is a tale, either to revive social awareness or to convey nostalgic sentiments. Drawn to the vintage world, each design constantly re-invents traditions with a fresh new contemporary technique, the result is a mélange of contrasts. Her work engages the full process; from the conception, to the creation and production of her own furniture and home accessories line. In addition to that, she is the conceptual designer and interior architect behind a host of venues including boutiques, residents and restaurants. Sandra enjoys exploring and experimenting with new materials, her eclectic nature gave way to a mix of various functional collections from Democratic designs hence SMAC, to limited-edition pieces, arousing and stimulating different sensations and feelings. She is in constant search of the perfect balance between ornamental and functional geometry.


SMAC showroom
Cebaco Center, Bloc C

Dora Highway