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Welcome to the world of kaftans. Welcome to Kaftish. The kaftan: ornamental, refined, lavish. For the woman who wants to add something “pas comme les autres” to her wardrobe, Kaftish is the answer. The women behind Kaftish wanted to inject a little old-world glamour into Middle Eastern fashion. And so, the idea of a kaftan, to be worn for different purposes and on various occasions, was born. Made of silk, voile, linen, velvet, jacquard and other fabrics, kaftans have been around for a long time and have been part of so many cultures; they have been especially prominent in the Middle East for centuries. With the vision of adding a little old-world glamour into Middle Eastern fashion, three sisters launched “Kaftish” in June 2016. The name of the concept came simply enough. The ladies’ obsession with kaftans turned into a fetish of sorts, dubbed by some as “le fétiche du Kaftan.” And so, the ladies behind the concept started creating different designs and scouting out striking and meticulously made materials. The result: beautiful and unique kaftans that suit any woman who wants to add a special touch of originality or opulence to her wardrobe.