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Jujule Lemonie

  • Lebanese designers
  • fashion design

Mazraat Yachouh, Matn district

Launched by Chady Younan & Joelle Ghoul in 2009. Jujule Lemonie’s debut was with the multifunctional “Frame of Mind” which was a big success enticing us to expand our new product covering every woman’s desire with unique tops, dresses, and realize our vision of having a full clothing line designed and manufactured in Lebanon. We vow to offer you the outfits you need to make you feel confident, happy, and comfortable in your own skin. As a team, we worked so hard to always strive for uniqueness, to stay true to our beliefs and vision. Jujule is keen on making your shopping experience a memorable one, with an inspiring display and a free styling service. We are driven by our love for fashion, and by our passion for creating unique urban chic looks and striking outfits... and for that same reason a “Jujule woman” is remarkable, eccentric, and exceptional.