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Jean Louis Sabaji

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  • fashion design

Kaslik, Keserwan district

Founded in Beirut in 2012, Jean-Louis Sabaji is a fashion house with a distinctive style that paved the way into becoming an established brand today.


Raised by a fashion designer, his designing mission started during childhood.

Following his graduation from the Lebanese American University in 2009, Jean Louis' motivation and creativity lead him to Milan Domus Academy, which gave him the opportunity to share his creations with famous Italian designers.

In 2011 Jean Louis’ allegiance to his father's studio evolved to the responsibility of carving the new paths ahead.

"Fashion design has always been a passion. Our family's practice initially seeded my interests and prompted me to dive into the world of Haute Couture, where the demand for the epitome of the best production is a natural outcome."


All we have been able to do is achieved through an original interpretation of our clientele’s demands and ingenuity, with an ultimate aim of producing outstanding garments and quality expositions in our showroom of couture.

When we design and deliver a style, we are neither fashion designers nor clothing manufacturers, but rather builders of character, concept, and movement.

What is important isn’t what people wear, but why they wear it.