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House of Paisley

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Mar Mikhael, Beirut district

On a winter afternoon, Noha and Rima, childhood friends, were throwing ideas for creating something special and new. Comfortable, affordable, and trendy. Noha jumped to her room and came back with a piece of fabric. They didn't know then, that it was the beginning of a successful concept. Few days later, the wrapped sample came from the tailor. They hurriedly opened it with the sparkling eyes of a child. There it was, for real. The first of many. It was perfect. Exactly like they imagined it! A unique blouse, one size for all, to suit every woman. The tall, the petite, the slim, the rounded, the casual, the chic. Daytime and night time, with or without a belt, over flowing or tucked, with a skirt or a pair of jeans, it was perfectly versatile and fit for all occasions. As planned, designs changed, proposing different concepts every time, evolving with the trend successfully year after year. Today, they have produced hundreds of limited edition tops, tunics, and dresses, spreading their brand on the map. The fabric used for their first design had a paisley pattern