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Emergency Room Beirut

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Bab Idriss, Beirut district

In 2015, the founder of Emergency Room decided to leave the comfort of a luxury fashion studio behind and drive towards the unknown along the Lebanese coast. In Tripoli, a city north of Beirut, he joined a team of barely skilled seamstresses and chose to train them, teaching them everything he knew about making clothes. The women would, in return, show him their hometown, its hidden and secret gems, its authentic souks where thrift stores and high jewelry shops collide. It’s through that mind-opening experience that Eric Mathieu Ritter realized: clothes are more than just dreams meant to be worn by a select few. In this collusion of worlds where prejudices are shattered, he decided to launch Emergency Room, a brand built on the belief that clothes are real, that they have to be made by real people and worn by real people in their daily lives.