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Daniele Kiridjian

  • Lebanese designers
  • fashion design

Gemmayzeh, Beirut district

Daniele Kiridjian is a Lebanese fashion designer, born with a flair for colours, imagination for shapes and a passion for fabrics. Since her early childhood, Daniele was fascinated by sensational creations and designs. She completed her fashions studies in Beirut, and joined the city of fashion in Paris for her higher experience in the most prestigious designer houses. Daniele lives by the principle of loving what you do, and doing what you love, but more importantly, doing it with passion. She seeks fabrics from around the world, in different places, with different energies to create stories. Every collection has a story to be revealed, an adventure to be taken, and a sensation to be felt. Her house of fashion “Deviations,” founded in Beirut, is an enchanted place where she welcomes you to unveil her stories.