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Ras el Nabeh, Beirut district

Born in 1973, Dana Adada grew up as a young artist in Beirut. She studied art for four years; sculpting her thoughts and enlightening her vision, to graduate with honors with a Fine Arts Diploma at the Lebanese University. She decided to execute her first mosaic table in 1995 and sought out a mosaic course to learn the basic technique with an Italian mosaist. The marriage of art and mosaics was the perfect satisfying match. She started applying her artistic thoughts using the mosaic techniques that she developed through many years of experience, as well as teaching mosaic techniques to adults and children several educational institutes and through private courses or workshops. 

Her work is an artistic expression based on a creative concept, a mixture of her oriental culture and the modern life she’s living. It is composed of a wide range of material: ceramics, vitreous glass, mirror, glass, pebbles, porcelain, metal, etc. She selects, cuts and poses them with perfection and accuracy. She executes her mosaics using several techniques, depending on the use of the art piece, respecting its functionality and durability. She applies a specific self-made technique to her mosaics which marks the identity of her art. 

The artistic side combined to the artisan skill, these two important sides are her key points to remarkable results and successful outcome. Specialized in mosaics, she designs and executes one of a kind contemporary commissions and gallery art mosaics, with passion and love to art and decoration.