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Qobbayat, Aakkar district

DAMJ is a unique design/build company founded by architect Ahmad Khouja and based in the Mar Mkhayel area of Beirut. The inspiration and concept for DAMJ comes from the integration of several trades, fabrication techniques, and design sensibilities. Being a design/build company, the integration of fabrication realities is present in the design process from the very beginning, and this process influences the quality and detail present in their work. DAMJ is not only known for the original design pieces of Ahmad Khouja, but also for the diverse scope of work including: residential, commercial, interiors, lighting, bespoke items, art-installations, exhibitions, technical consulting, digital consulting/modeling tools, and project management. 

Ahmad Khouja
Having studied and worked in the US and UK before moving to Beirut, Ahmad has experience as an architect, furniture designer, installation artist, and fabricator. He has worked at a number of architecture firms on projects ranging in scale from low and high-rise residential, commercial, interior detailing, as well as furniture design. He is a graduate of Columbia and Berkeley Universities, and was employed by the faculty of architecture at LAU and AUB where he taught design studios and seminars with a focus on parametric design.