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Achrafieh, Beirut district

Booabbood was created in 2014 in Beirut, Lebanon by Amanda and Joe Bou Abboud.

Having met at university, Amanda and Joe both graduated with a Master in Interior Architecture, specializing in product design. After originally designing individual works focusing on lighting, interiors and artisanal products for more than a decade, Amanda and Joe thought it was time to finally come together, in terms of both marriage and business. The two soon realized that their skills and design approach complement each other greatly. This is how they started to adopt creative design solutions to everyday items that enhance their lifestyle, ranging from various home and personal products. From there, the story of Booabbood was created, born from the minds of two skilled designers who work together to create memorable and meaningful designs for their and everyone’s home.

Booabbood has since established itself as a global presence with its unique and unexpected designs, with various publications in international articles, magazines and blogs, and exhibitions in galleries for design week, from Beirut and Dubai to Milan and Paris. Now, their studio and inspiration has grown, drawing inspiration from their life together, their travels and personal memories, and now their family is growing. With this will come more needs, inspiration and more creation and design.

Booabbood is about designing their story, and they want to share it with you.