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Majd Bazerji

    Majd Bazerji is French and Lebanese. Having spent quality time in Athens, London and Brussels left an imprint on his vision and creativity. Followed art and economics studies in England and France, worked in the world of fashion, photography and the textile industry. After witnessing many accomplishments and successes in fashion design, created a line of luxury leather bags and a portfolio of silk scarves for a renowned jeweler, as well an ingenious series of convertible steel/wood stool-chairs that triggered the ultimate career take-off in furniture design. By evoking a visible simplicity in materials and lines, mb-designlab creates objects that are equally functional and aesthetic, often with a hidden side, a rotating drawer, a back-rest integrated into a seat, perfection and high level of craftsmanship being a priority. The innovations developed by mb-designlab are limited editions numbered from 8 to 100. On certain occasions, they are presented in unique creations. Present in various famous Paris, Luxemburg and Beirut galleries, maintains contacts with clients as well as interior decorators, architects and museums.