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Majd Bazerji

  • Lebanese designers
  • furniture design

Born in Lebanon, yet living in Paris since 1989, Majd Bazerji studied art and economics in England and France before pursuing a career in fashion, photography and textiles. Following a string of successful accomplishments in fashion design (chief of which are a line of luxury leather bags and a series of silk scarves for a renowned jeweler), Majd focused his talents on furniture, and from the offset received acclaim for an ingenious series of convertible steel-and-wood stool-chairs.

Following his instincts, Majd channeled his energy into reviving the ever-fading link between beauty, luxury, simplicity and practicality by incorporating a range of materials. Often featuring innovative design touches, the pieces serve as testament to his unconventional approach to standard design practices. By evoking a visible simplicity in materials and lines, mb-designlab creates objects that are equally functional and aesthetically pleasing, often with a hidden side, a rotating drawer, a back-rest integrated into a seat, perfection and high level of craftsmanship being a priority. The innovations developed by mb-designlab are limited editions numbered from 8 to 100. On certain occasions, they are presented in unique creations. 

Featuring in the collections of upscale galleries of Paris, Luxembourg and Beirut, Majd Bazerji remains in close contact with private clients in addition to interior decorators, architects and museums worldwide.