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Pierre Abboud

    In a first life, during the nineties, this interior architect graduated from ALBA and made a small fame in mural painting in Lebanon. And in particular in the offbeat and humorous trompe-l'oeil. In 2005, the situation in the country of the Cedar having started to decline, Pierre Abboud had settled in the Emirates, in Dubai, where he founded his own architecture and event design company. Like many expatriates, his returns to the country were limited, since then, to the vacation periods he spent with his parents and in his village of Jeige, in the heights of Jbeil, where he likes to recharge his batteries. Except that the events of October 17, 2019, by reanimating his patriotic feeling, will propel him into a new life. That of an artist totally invested in the protest movement... Through art and waste recycling. In Dubai, he begins by sketching caricatured drawings of politicians that he posts on his Instagram feed. He then flies to Beirut with the need to make a direct contribution to this rebellion through art and on the ground. Following, as he returns to Beirut, now every other weekend, other sculptural pieces, always produced in the same mode and with the same salvaged materials.