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Sunflower Theatre

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Tayouneh, Beirut district

The Sunflower Cultural Space for Performing Arts and Cinema (Masra7 Douwar Shams - Théâtre Tournesol) was founded by the SHAMS Association in 2005 in Beirut to carry out an artistic and cultural action, focusing on continuity and development, and to give the chance for new artists to express themselves, to confront and to hone their skills and knowledge. 

Since the establishment of the Sunflower Cultural Space, SHAMS has welcomed in its multifunctional premises four organizations operating at different levels of the cultural sector, ranging from the artistic to cultural and social. SHAMS manages the place and organizes, among others, four festivals a year and several workshops. SHAMS purposefully chose to establish The Sunflower at the Tayouneh roundabout, being naturally a carrefour of many districts, hoping to create a meeting cultural point between different cultures, communities and social groups.