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Nahr Ibrahim Municipal Library

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Jbeil / Byblos, Jbeil district

The library contains around 6000 books classified according to Dewey’s World, documentary, novels and children books in Arabic, English and French. They are classified according to topics (ecosystem, biodiversity, alternative energy, pollution, wildlife, medicinal herbs, agriculture …), and include albums, storybooks and novels for children from age 4 to 14. In 2014, the library was also fully equipped with computers. The books in the library were donated from a number of institutions: the French Institute, Sabeel Society Association, the Ministry of Culture, and Nahr Ibrahim Municipality. In addition, in August 2916, the library received 397 children books in French, Arabic and English, donated by the Italian Human Land Organization, in cooperation with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). A cooperation agreement was signed recently with the school of Mrs. Um El Nour (Al-Aqiba), and Donbosco School, to strengthen the relationship between the public library and nearby public and private schools.