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Institute for Palestine Studies Library

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Verdun, Beirut district

The library of the Institute for Palestine Studies was established at the same time as the Institute in 1963. It was set up with the aim of achieving some of the principal goals of the Institute for Palestine Studies: the preservation of Palestinian intellectual and cultural production, and the collection of documents and research on the question of Palestine and the Arab-Israeli conflict in its various phases and developments.

Over the years, the library has increased its acquisitions and expanded its role, to the point that it is now a unique resource for research and scholarship on the Palestinian cause. The library's collections include a wide range of basic reference works, books and periodicals in Arabic, English, French, and Hebrew. The library's collection places a particular emphasis on Palestine, its population, history and society, as well on the political, social, military and economic aspects of Israel. In addition to monographs in a number of languages, it includes basic reference works, encyclopedias, yearbooks, bibliographies, official reports, dictionaries, atlases, and statistical surveys. The collection also holds rare books, including books issued by the British Mandate authorities in Palestine, volumes produced by the World Zionist Congresses, the official newspaper and rules and regulations issued by the mandatory government of Palestine.