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AGBU Demirdjian Center

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Naqqache, Matn district

Founded in 1997, by the generous donation of the benefactors Sarkis, Avedis and Hagop Demirdjians and their families, AGBU Demirdjian Center is a state of the art building, that is attended by a large number of the local community. It houses the central administrative offices of AGBU and AYA Lebanon and also diverse sports, cultural and recreational facilities that are used by the community at large.

The center today has nearly 3,000 active members who are enrolled in its various sports activities that are instructed by highly certified professional trainers. The AGBU Demirdjian Center is also prominent in the region for its specialized activities for children. For instance, the Taekwondo department has more than 450 members, who over the past years have claimed numerous championships at the national and international levels. Along the sports and arts activities and as part of AGBU’s mission of preserving and promoting the Armenian identity and heritage.