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The Slow

  • coffee shop
  • cultural events
  • healthy
  • pet friendly
  • concept store

Mar Mikhael, Beirut district

The atmosphere at The Slow is calm and peaceful. Everything there goes by slowly so you can be fully present in the moment and take care of your body, mind and soul in their eco-conscious café. Their aim is to bring down the speed and treat you with some of their healthy foods and beverages. Their menu changes every season but what doesn’t change is their commitment to offer you the freshest local ingredients, sourced from organic farms around Lebanon. The food is prepared slowly, so that you could enjoy every tiny bite of it. The beverages are pressed slowly, so that they could quench every fiber of your being. They serve mindfully cooked breakfast and brunch all day, so that you don’t have to rush out of bed. Just cherish the slow. 


Opening hours
Everyday 7am-9:30pm