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Cluster 001

  • coffee shop

Mar Mikhael, Beirut district

Cluster 001 is above all a story, that of lovers of life, of the wild, of adventure and of sharing. In general terms, a cluster is a grouping of resembling elements, elements that share similar nature and characteristics. In that sense, Cluster 001 is a cluster of many stories that intertwine. Each story is unique but shares the same characteristics with all the others. It’s the story of passionate people, sharing the same respect for nature and the beauty of life.

Cluster 001 is a small cozy space with a big heart and a wide spirit. Authentic and green, we value artisanal and farming craftmanship. It is an adventure where you will experience each story and vibe with it, where you can enjoy natural and organic food, delicious flammekueches and pastries, exquisite coffee, books, art, crafts, nature, music, workshops, events and more.


Opening hours
Monday-Friday 9am-6pm
Saturday-Sunday 10am-4pm