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Fouha Boutique Hotel

  • boutique hotel
  • coffee shop

Batroun, Batroun district

This is the world of flip-flops & art, where you meet to laugh away the day and Bask in the night. This is the world where beautiful is whatever you are today, happiness is just a sunset away, serenity is a walk by the water close, and a heart full of life is an easy filled cup. They don’t promise the best of what the world can offer, but they do offer the best of our world, a few beautiful creations to admire, nice company, good bites, and a contagious desire to be in the best state of mind of your life. FOUHA is not a getaway destination, it’s a place in your mind where you can get away. FOUHA stays with you beyond your stay… This is the world where we all get a little Fou and share a lot of Hahaha-s.

Number of rooms 5
Number of guests 12
Price range $$