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  • boutique hotel
  • restaurant
  • Lebanese cuisine
  • pool

Deir Dourit, Chouf district

Located in the heart of the Chouf, Bkerzay is the perfect place to reconnect with nature and take a break from urban life. Their land is covered with olive groves, lush woods, wildlife, and a variety of endangered flora. Bkerzay is an eco-friendly conservation project which aims to preserve the natural beauty of the region, and a landmark that celebrates Lebanon's traditional architecture in all its splendor. Their guest homes were sculpted into the natural landscape, without removing a single tree. Bkerzay is a proud user of solar energy, and has set up an elaborate purification station so that we can recycle our water. All of our guest houses are built with traditional Lebanese stone architecture and vintage furniture. Spending a night in Bkerzay gives you access to the pool, hiking trail, pottery studio, and common areas.


Number of rooms 29
Number of guests 90
Price range $$$