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Al-Yasmine Guesthouse

  • boutique hotel
  • pool

Maaliyeh, Tyre district

Sometimes you need an escape. We all do, even just for a night. Sometimes you need to take a minute, to breathe fresh, clean air, to allow yourself to be mesmerized by mountain and sea views, to really take in the world at its finest, at its greenest. More importantly, sometimes you need a minute, just to laugh, to love and to live in the moment. Al-Yasmine guesthouse, in the South of Lebanon, has been the perfect escape for our family from the fast pace of Beirut. It has been an idyllic getaway for us to relax together by the poolside, riding horses, enjoying the animals, and playing sports and games. Ultimately just to grow together, as a family. Today, we are inviting you, your friends and friends of friends to join us for a night, weekend or even a week, just to escape. Welcome to Al-Yasmine Guesthouse.


Number of rooms 20
Number of guests 48
Price range $$$