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Oslo - Made in Heaven

  • sweet tooth

Mar Mikhael, Beirut district

OSLO desserts and ice cream was created in 1997 in Beirut, Lebanon. The founder, Nayla Audi has always been fascinated by food, traveling the world in search of new tastes and flavours. She learned the craft in the 80's by making chocolate tarts and selling them to a diverse new wave of coffee shops in Los Angeles, before expanding to ice cream.
OSLO merges these two cultures, mixing American and Middle Eastern flavors while using only natural, top-grade ingredients, creating something unique, both in its brand and flavours. After expanding in Beirut and Los Angeles, Nayla's daughters, Yasmine and Julie, are continuing the family tradition by expanding Oslo in Europe, where they will be focusing on their best selling item: the Angel Cake.
OSLO prides itself on the use of only natural top-grade fruits and ingredients, making more than 50 novel flavours of ice cream. These range from rose-loukoum, pistachio-halva and pomegranate, to coffee toffee crunch, chocolate chocolate chip and Oreo cookies ice creams.


Opening hours
Everyday 11am-8pm