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While We’re Young Art Gallery

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Mar Mikhael, Beirut district

Nestled in Mar Mikhael, the creative district of Beirut, While We’re Young is a concept store whose mission is to make art accessible to a wide range of people and to merge between visual artists and fashion creatives.

The vibrant city of Mar Mikhael is a melting pot of different cultures and ages flowing together through the ebbs and flows of life. While We’re Young is a reflection of the city and a message of hope and will power to face the challenges and rise above them through art and fashion. Their vision aims to provide a haven for visual artists to collaborate with fashion designers in creating edgy everyday gadgets and clothing. By incorporating art in their products, they create a fun, one-of-a-kind cultural movement that will impact generations to come.

Their curated selections provide a broad range of products covering all tastes and budgets following through with the essence of their brand. Their young, emerging and established artists will develop artworks ranging from 300 to 15,000 USD.

Opening hours
Monday-Saturday 10am-6pm