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Galerie d'Art Bekhazi

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Achrafieh, Beirut district

The "GAB" exhibits thousands of old and new paintings, hundreds of sculptures, as well as thousands of models of beautiful frames made by professionals according to the measures and the world qualifications. It is equipped with a recent material, specific to the framing and the restoration, of a qualified personnel, specialized in the manufacture of the frames, the valorization, the conservation and the safeguard of the artistic works of values.

"GAB" center has become today an answer to an artistic need for the Lebanon of the future, it investigates a new adventure entitled "a permanent artistic museum" having for objective to enrich the culture of the soul and the eye simultaneously.

Located in Achrafieh, the "GAB" center welcomes you in its 3 floors: one dedicated to painters, visitors and art lovers, one is a large and well-equipped showroom with a surface of 140m2 and the third one hosts numerous paintings of very rare values, an office dedicated to consultations, a modern workshop for framing, restoration of works of art, a warehouse and advanced industrial equipment.