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Bourj Hammoud, Matn district

Doop is an artist-run initiative located in the heart of Bourj Hammoud, the popular northern suburb of Beirut. Its mission is to facilitate the exchange of artworks, concepts, news and arguments between artists and the community.

Its founder, Anita Toutikian, is a recognized landmark in the art of the Middle East. Under the pseudonym “Artist Unknown”, Anita has created Lebanon’s very first expressions of post-war art in a unique post-disaster disobedient approach. Her alternative artistic activity insisted on breaking away from the bloody past by rejecting art mediums, techniques, forms and subjects associated with the past, in order to effectively confront this past, in order to question it, to better understand it, and to eventually overcome it. Anita's critical exploration of art and identity is a venture towards understanding the meaning of art, its utility and its damage, especially in a small war-torn country like Lebanon.


Opening hours
Tuesday-Sunday 9am-5pm