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Clemenceau, Beirut district

Located in the heart of Beirut, Dar El-Nimer for Arts and Culture was founded in 2016 as an independent non-profit art foundation for historical, modern and contemporary cultural productions from Palestine and beyond. Dar El-Nimer promotes deep cultural, historical and intellectual awareness by hosting productions by artists, curators, writers, historians, performers and filmmakers, whose works engage with the challenging social realities and political currents shaping the region. Dar El-Nimer is also responsible for showcasing the El-Nimer Collection, the private art collection of the founder, Rami El-Nimer.

Three kinds of exhibitions take place at Dar El-Nimer: exhibitions curated from the El-Nimer Collection; commissioned exhibitions in support of artists in different fields of art; and hosted exhibitions from the region and abroad. All exhibitions are accompanied by guided tours and a tailored public program rotating around the exhibited themes.

The El-Nimer Collection has been in the making for over forty years. It is a continuously growing collection of items selected for both aesthetical and historical value. The collection sheds light on the rich and complex evolution of the socio-political history of the region through its artistic and cultural productions. It includes pieces spanning around ten centuries of civilisation and hailing from the vast lands that have carried, or interacted, with the legacy of Islamic culture. The collection is primarily built on the taste of the collector and on choosing works that will form meaningful groupings in the collection. The goal is to separate out specific works of art and assemble them in such a way to advance the public’s understanding of art in particular and its evolution. The collection’s highlights include manuscripts, numismatics, ceramics, glass, arms and armour, textiles, photographs, postcards, maps, icons, mother-of-pearl, Orientalist, modern and contemporary paintings.

Dar El-Nimer for Arts and Culture presents thematic exhibitions curated from the private collection of the founder. The collection is displayed publicly through these exhibitions which are accompanied by an exhibition catalogue. Midad: The Public and Intimate Lives of Arabic Calligraphy, curated by Rachel Dedman, was the first exhibition from the El-Nimer Collection in 2017. Works from the El-Nimer Collection are available for loans to local and international institutions.


Opening hours
Monday-Saturday 11am-7pm