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Jisr el Wati, Matn district

Beirut Art Center (BAC) is a non-profit association, space and platform dedicated to experimental art in Beirut, Lebanon. Beirut Art Center was initiated by Sandra Dagher and Lamia Joreige. It opened in 2009, thanks to the support of our benefactor, Marwan T. Assaf, our patrons, association Philippe Jabre, Cherine Magrabi Tayeb, Ousseimi Foundation, and our sponsors, Banque Libano-Française and Fidus.

The aim of BAC is to produce, present and contextualize local and international art researches and cultural practices in a space that is open and active all year long, and free of charge.

BAC seeks engagement with various art forms and experiences, and alternative methods of knowledge production and distribution. They support local and regional contemporary artists and facilitate the creation and realization of projects, as well as interactions among local and international cultural players.

Along with its exhibition spaces, BAC has an auditorium, a bookshop and a café. BAC also organizes regular educational activities in addition to lectures, concerts and performances, film and video screenings, and workshops. BAC mediatheque, which was active for 10 years and included a wide collection of artworks, videos and a recorded documentation of BAC's events, will be launched in a new form in the coming year.

To mark its 10 years anniversary in 2019, BAC has relocated in a new space, walking distance from its previous location, that is housed inside safe, a storage building. The architectural and logistical design of the new space is conceived by Bernard Khoury and his team.


Opening hours
Monday-Friday 12pm-7pm 
Saturday 12pm-5pm