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Artscoops Auctions

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Qantari, Beirut district

Artscoops.com is an online art platform that aims to be the leading platform for the Middle East and North Africa to spread the still undervalued talents of the region. Artscoops features artworks from international galleries and artists with a focus on modern and contemporary art of the MENA region.

Providing the art collectors community with an information and distribution channel, Artscoops provides its audience with art advising, online shows and auctions assembled by a team of curators and art specialists. Whether you are a collector or just getting started, you can learn, browse, purchase and bid on artworks from both renowned and emerging artists on the platform.

Artscoops was founded in 2014 by Raya Mamarbachi, a digital marketing executive with extensive experience in developing innovative technology platforms, and art consultant, May Mamarbachi.


Opening hours
Monday-Friday 9am-6pm