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Tyre’s Main Archeological Sites

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Sour / Tyre, Tyre district

The Al-Bass site in Tyre holds a variety of Roman ruins dating back to the 2nd century AD. Just past the entrance is a vast funerary complex, with hundreds of ornate stone and marble sarcophagi. The Al-Bass site is also home to a Byzantine road, a 2nd century triumphal arch, a Roman road with an aqueduct, and the remains of one of the largest Roman hippodromes in the world. It once seated 20,000 spectators eager to watch risky chariot races.
Al-Bass site is not far from a similar site, Al-Mina, 2km away. It features a mosaic road bordered by a colonnade, the only rectangular arena in the world, which once accommodated 2,000 spectators. It also holds the remnants of a residential area with narrow roads and houses paved with mosaics and marble, a Roman bath, a glass factory, and Roman roads. A palestra, where athletes once trained, was later converted to the purple dye factory for which Tyre became world-famous. The remains of a 12th century Crusader cathedral, which was the setting of the coronation of the King of Jerusalem, is also one of the main attractions drawing many visitors year round.