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Jupiter Temple - Baalbak

  • archaelogical site

Baalbak, Baalbak district

The first view the visitor has of Baalbak is the six corinthina ciolumns of the Great Temple, thrusting 22 meters into the skyline. Built on a podium seven meters above the court, these six columns and the entablature on top give an idea of the vast scale of the original structure. The complex of the Great Temple has a semicircular peribol, the monumental entrance or Propylaea, the Hexagonal Court, the Great Court and finally the Temple itself, where the six famous columns stand. This consecutive way of approaching the sanctuary is the result of a thorough organization of the Semitic architectural style. The temple is of 88 meters long and 48 meters wide. It includes a monumental stairway that leads to a podium, 7 meters above the courtyard and 13 meters above the ground. The Temple of Jupiter was destroyed, and out of its 54 columns which were 22 meters high, only six are standing. The foundations of the temple are made of large stone blocks the most famous of which are three ("Trilithon") on the west side, weighing around 800 tons each.